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Complex conservative treatment of dysbacteriosIs

and nozoform diseases of THE oral cavity

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 2, pp. 4-13.


Department of Therapeutic Stomatology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


Treatment of dysbacteriosis, including dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity mucous membrane, should be accompanied by the restoration of normal microflora. During treatment, substantially increases the amount of cocci which form the normal microflora of the oral cavity mucous membrane.

Dysbacteriosis treatment should be complex, combining antibacterial and antifungal preparations of a wide spectrum. It must increase nonspecific protective functions of the organism, be capable to normalize the mucous membrane microflora, render soothing, immuno- and hemocorrective influence.




J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 13-15.


Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Tbilisi, Georgia


Have been studied invasive properties of several salmonellas strains on human and monkeys tissue cultures. It was found out, that the most sensitive to invasion have appeared cellular lines HeLa, FL. Salmonellas got intracellulary, and after reproduction caused citopathic effect. Immune serum, complement and an antibiotic separately did not act on endocellular reproduction of microbes while in a combination caused lession the infected cells and destruction of endocellular microbs.



Regional QUANTITATIVE peculiarities OF THE glands OF trachea and MAIN bronchI in postnatal ontogenesis

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 15-19.


Department of Human Anatomy, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The aim of the study is to examine regional quantitative peculiarities of the tracheal and bronchial glands in postnatal ontogenesis.

Tracheal glands were examined in the corpses of 89 people of different ages, without pathologies of the respiratory and immune systems, without venous congestion. In total tracheal preparations, multicellular glands were stained by R.D.Sinelnikov technique (1948).

 The conducted research revealed that the number of glands in the proximal and distal directions decreases. The revealed gradient changes in the number of glands are typical not only for the trachea and main bronchi. These changes are revealed by the use of morphometric methods in esophageal glands proper, duodenal, laryngeal glands, in the glands of anhepatic bile-excreting tracts. This indicator is considered to be natural in the morphogenesis of small glands in the walls of hollow organs.





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 19-22.


Azerbaijan  State Medical University, Baku


The data of the present research are based on the epidemiological–stomatologic investigation of 623 refuegees and compelled immigrants (336 men and 287 women) living more than 15 years in difficult sanitary-hygienic and economic conditions. The investigation was carried out in various districts of Baku, in Kurdamir and Imishli regions.

A great necessity of rendering orthopedic stomatologic assistance to these people is connected with the absence of medical-preventive help, caries complications and diseases of paradont: 100% is affected by the periodontal diseases and caries.

Generally, different types of dentures have been prescribed to 15.28% of patients. Quality control test of removable dentures shows that 76.9% of partial dentures and all of complete dentures (100%) must be replaced. Quality control test of fixed prosthesis shows that 46.6% of crowns and 57.4% of bridge prostheses must be replaced. 

In other words, taking into account the replacement of worn-out denture, the need of compelled immigrants and refugees for prosthodontic care constitutes 100%.




A Comparative study of THE psychotropic effects of calcium

channel blockers

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 22-26.


Department of Pharmacology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


All calcium channel blockers, with the exception of diltiazem, in low doses enhance motor and searching activity, in high doses suppress all the parameters of behavioral activity. Diltiazem enhances all behavioral actions in a dose-dependent manner. One of the investigated doses of Verapamil and nifedipine causes anxyolitic effects like diazepam in the light-dark camera. Calcium channel blockers decrease CNS excitability less than diazepam. All doses of Verapamil increase the time of immobilization but that’s not statistically authentic. Calcium channel blockers do not affect group toxicity of amphetamine. Only 20mg\kg of diltiazem doubles the mortality rate, in comparison with the control group.





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 26-30.


Department of Biochemistry, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


There were studied the time course of lipid peroxidation and the state of the antioxidant system of patients with chronic renal insufficiency. The increase was revealed in lipid peroxidation degree, in the amount of conjugated dienes, malonic dialdehyde. The alterations in superoxide dismutase activity observed in the patients’ blood depended on the disease stage. The content of lipid peroxidation products was also dissimilar at the first and second stages of the disease. The estimation of superoxide dismutase activity and content of diene ketons was the most suitable pattern for monitoring of chronic renal disease treatment. We found a strong correlation between the levels of LPO and CIC (r=+0.56). Also were found a prominent reduction in high-avidity (up to 12-25%, p <0,001) and the increase in low-avidity (up to 75-88%, p<0,001) IgG antibodies with an abnormal macromolecular conformation (p<0,001), low functional and protective activity.



Arterial hypertension as one of THE components of metabolic syndrome in THE pathogenesis of atherosclerosis OF Lower extremitY arteries

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 30-32.


Research Centre of Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


Arterial hypertension is a strong risk factor for the development of atherosclerosis of lower extremity arteries. But the mechanism causing these effects still remains unknown. Hypertension is associated with morphologic alterations in the arterial intima and functional alteration of the endothelium.

207 patients were included in the present study - 167 with metabolic syndrome and 40 without it. Metabolic syndrome was defined by the criteria of the Adult Treatment Panel III of the National Cholesterol Education Program. Early atherosclerosis was assessed by intima-media thickness (IMT) and triplex ultrasound examination. All lower extremity arteries IMT parameters were significantly higher in the subjects with arterial hypertension. In this group, blood flow velocity in the Common Femoral Artery (CFA) was decreased by 9.5 % (p< 0,001). Our investigation shows that increasing IMT and decreasing blood flow velocity in CFA play a leading role in the pathogenesis of early atherosclerosis in the lower extremity arteries of patients with arterial hypertension.



The role of microflora in development of odontogenic purulent - inflammatory diseases of maxilla-facial region

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 32-35.


The Azerbaijan Medical University, Department of oral and maxilla-facial region surgery, Baku


The healing of a wound in the certain degree depends on a kind and patogenicity of miroflora. Sometimes microbes producing pus are steady against action of antiseptic solutions and antibiotics, owing to what the wounds heal late and it is the reason of occurrence of various complications. Considering it, by retrospective way we have studied a role of microflora in development of odontogenic phlegmone.

As a result of retrospective researches at primary bacteriological investigation of a wound 265 patients with odontogenic phlegmone of Maxilla-Facial Region during bacteriological investigations the comparative analysis of the revealed wide spectrum of conditionally - pathogenetic microorganisms was made.

The results of research prove, that on clinical current of purulent – inflammatory deseases of soft tissues essential influence render microorganisms especially mixed microflora. Thereof one of the important conditions of rational treatment of the patients is the increase of immune-biological resistance of the organism, and also study at a modern level often varying microflora and determining their sensitivity to antibiotics realization of rational antibacterial treatment.




Pharmacological correction of haloperidol-INDUCed behavioral disturbances with calcium channel blockers

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 35-40.


Department of Pharmacology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


Haloperidol depresses all behavioral activities by a dose-dependent manner in the “open field” test. Verapamil (25 mg/kg) restores 0.5 mg/kg haloperidol-inhibited motor activity by 72.1%, and motor activity by 51.7%, searching activity - by 58.9%, and vertical activity - by 29.7% (inhibited by 3 mg\kg of haloperidol).

Nifedipine (10 mg/kg) restores 0.5 mg/kg haloperidol-inhibited motor activity by 62.2%, and motor activity by 27.3%, searching activity - by 44.6%, and vertical activity - by 22.8% (inhibited by 3 mg\kg of haloperidol).

Diltiazem (20 mg/kg) enhances motor activity inhibited by 0.5 and 3 mg/kg haloperidol, but this data is not statistically authentic.

Cinnarizin (50 mg\kg) restores 0.5 mg/kg haloperidol-inhibited motor activity by 85%. Motor activity is restored by 27.3%, searching activity by 44.6%, and vertical activity - by 22.8% (inhibited by 3 mg/kg of haloperidol).

All calcium channel blockers in high doses resisted the cataleptogenic effect of haloperidol for 45 minutes, and in low doses - strengthened catalepsy.

Verapamil (5 mkg), nifedipine (0.4 mkg) and diltiazem (5 mkg) microinjections into the right and left striatum resisted catalepsy caused by haloperidol.



Influence of lithium oxybutYrate on SOME cytokine INDICES DURING EXPERIMENTAL SENSIBILIZATION

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 40-42.


Department of Pathological Physiology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The aim of the investigation was to study the influence of lithium hydroxybutyrate on IL-4 and IL-6 in blood and lymph during the period of sensibilization causing anaphylactic shock and Overy phenomenon.

On the basis of these investigations, the following conclusions have been drawn:

1. The level of IL-4 and IL-6 in blood and lymph is increased during anaphylactic shock, as well as Overy phenomenon.

2. During experimental sensibilization under the influence of lithium hydroxybutirate the level of IL-4, as well as IL-6 in blood and lymph decreases.



Age and sex differences of human hyoid bone sizes

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 42-46.


Department of Human Anatomy, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The aim of the investigation was to study the age and sex differences in the sizes of the human hyoid bone. We studied the sizes of 91 hyoid bones of adults aged 22 years and over. The statistical analysis of hyoid bone sizes shows that there are no significant age differences in most dimensions of the hyoid bone, but there exist significant sex differences. Most dimensions of the hyoid bone are significantly larger in men than in women (length, width of the body, length of the greater horns, total length of the hyoid bone etc.).




Morphological peculiarities of lymphoid structures of human trachea and MAIN bronchi

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 46-49.


Department of Human Anatomy of Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The aim of the study was to obtain microanatomical data concerning the structure of lymphoid formations of the trachea and main bronchi in postnatal ontogenesis. The lymphoid apparatus taken from the corpses of 87 people of different ages and both sexes was studied by the microscopic and histological methods.

The results of the research showed that lymphoid formations in the trachea and main bronchi are constantly revealed in the walls of these organs, evolving into lymphoid nodules from the newborn period throughout the entire following life. These structures in the walls of the trachea and main bronchi are presented as diffuse lymphoid tissue and lymphoid nodules. The composition of diffuse lymphoid tissue and lymphoid nodules is monotypic in the human trachea and main bronchi. Lymphoid nodules and diffuse lymphoid tissue have a preferable area of localization in the tracheal wall and main bronchi without any relation to age.



Histochemical peculIarities of parenchYmaTOSE cells DURING mastopatHy, fibroadenomA and mammary gland cancer

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 49-52.


Department of Human Anatomy of Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku;

Laboratory of Pathomorphology, A.Natishvili Institute of Morphology, Tbilisi, Georgia


The goal of the investigation was to study histochemical peculiarities of the parenchymatose cells during mastopathy, fibroadenoma and mammary gland cancer. Glycogen accumulation in the parenchymatose elements of the mastopathic nodes is not equal, and it depends on the degree of maturity of the epithelial cells. More glycogen granules are found in less mature epithelial cells. Especially much glycogen is found in atypical sites, and even more in the sites of malignancy.

In all the cases of fibroadenoma that we have studied, tumorous parenchyma contains PAS-positive grains of glycogen. The stroma of fibroadenoma does not contain glycogen. Cancer stroma contains different quantity of glycogen in the form of smaller grains. In the stroma of mastopathic nodes, especially around the glandular elements, corpulent cells are visible. In case of fibroadenoma, tumorous stroma contains PAS-positive connective tissue fibers. In case of human mammary gland cancer, rather small amount of PAS-positive substance is detected only in the stroma.



Morphological peculiarities of lymphoid structures of THE uterine tube DURING contralateral aplasia

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 52-57.


Departments of Human Anatomy and Obstetrics-Gynecology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku

The aim of the investigation was to study morphological peculiarities of lymphoid structures in different parts of the uterine tube during contralateral aplasia. The object of the investigation was the lymphoid apparatus of the uterine tube obtained from 5 corpses of newborn girls with contralateral aplasia of the organ. Normal topographic-anatomical forms of 6 newborn girls served as a criterion. Harris’ hematoxylin was used to stain the lymphoid nodules. Transverse sections obtained from the middle third of each part of the uterine tube were studied histologically. Sections 4-6 mkm in width were stained with azure-2-eosin by Brashe technique.

The investigations showed that during unilateral aplasia of lymphoid structures, the wall of another uterine tube contains lymphoid structures, diffuse lymphoid tissue, lymphoid nodules without germinal centers. Lymphoid nodules were revealed in all micropreparations: they had irregular shape, diffuse lymphoid tissue was revealed around them.

Cellular composition of the uterine tube lymphoid formations qualitatively does not differ from the comparison group during contralateral aplasia of this organ. Diffuse lymphoid tissue and lymphoid nodules are formed of lymphocytes, plasma cells, macrophages, cells in the state of destruction, separate cells with the signs of mitosis, mast cells etc.    



Secondary preventiON OF

erectile dysfunction IN PATIENTS WITH diabetes mellitus (DM)

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 57-59.


Inter-district Endocrinology Dispensary, Sheki, Azerbaijan


The purpose of the work is to study the efficiency of testosterone and impaza preparations rendering stimulation to the NO-system for secondary prevention of erectile dysfunction (ED) in the patients with DM.

79 patients with ED against the background of DM were under observation. The inverse correlation was noted between the international index of erectile function (IIEF) and the level of glycosylated haemoglobin. Among diabetic patients, organic ED was revealed approximately twice as often as psychogenic ED. The use of identical doses of testosterone and impaza preparations gave a positive effect for secondary prevention of ED combined with DM.




J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2008, 4, pp. 59-63.


Azerbaijan Medical University, Ñhear of Surgical Diseases of Pediatric Departament, Baku


This paper is devoted to prognostic significance of flow cytometry parameters in colorectal region cancer. 110 patients  under our observation are diagnosed as colorectal region cancer disease.
Together with commonly accepted practical standard examination methods, by applying flow cytometric examination method on 60 patients the mitotic activity regime of cells and the amount of DNA are analyzed. Results of multivariate analysis of colorectal cancer progression are presented. The most significant independent factors influencing prognosis for disease progression were iDNA grade, proliferative index and histologic type.