1. Mamaladze M., Korsantia N., Chonishvili Kh., Khukhunaishvili N.

Comparative characterization of different methods fOR teeth endodontic treatment

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 10-19.


Dental Clinic, Training and Research Center – UniDent, Tbilisi, Georgia


The purpose of this study was to compare the sealing properties and microleakage of root canal filling materials – EndoRez TM (UltraDent) and Sealapex (Kerr).

Automated canal preparation was performed in 43 freshly extracted human teeth using anatomic endodontic technology (Endo-Eze-AET (UltraDent) group I - 21 teeth) and the ProTaper files with Crown Down technique (group II - 22 teeth). Irrigation was performed using 3% NaOCl and 18% EDTA, followed by rinsing with distilled water.

In group 1, canals were filled using an EndoRez sealer and resin-coated gutta-percha cones. In group 2, canals were obturated with Sealapex and gutta-percha points, using a lateral condensation technique. All teeth were radiographed pre- and postoperatively.

The specimens were stored at 370C for 72h. The samples were then immersed in Fuchsin and in 0.5% methylene blue dye for 24 hours, sectioned using a low speed diamond disk and examined for microleakage using a microscope.

It can be concluded that EndoRez and Sealapex with gutta-percha provide a good root canal seal, but the EndoRez sealer presented the least apical micro leakage (38.1%) as compared with Sealapex (77.3%).


2. Ganiyev M., Shadlinsky E., Babayev I.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 19-22.


Department of  Pharmacology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The researches carried out on 20 rabbits have established that after modelling a considerable disturbances both in the coagulation and anticoagulation systems of hemostasis, the maximum changes were registered within 1-3 days after modelling with the tendency to the alignment of the studied indicators level to the end of the first week of the research. A combined use of clopidogrel and aspirin within 7 days rendered a rather expressed influence on the disturbances in the blood coagulation potential developing after modelling of acute coronary syndrome. Three hours after the drugs application, hypocoagulation occurred in most cases, and increased even more in the following terms of the research.


3. Abasova L., Babaev A., Gasanova E.

Rational approaches TO the prophylaXIS and treatment of àrterial hypertension in patients with intellectual disorders

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 22-25.


Research Institute of Cardiology, Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku


In this article the authors have presented literary data concerning the problem of rational approaches to arterial hypertension (AH) treatment in patients with intellectual disorders, and the results of the original studies. The original study results demonstrated that the positive antihypertensive effect of long-term therapy with angiotensin II antagonist eprosartan was accompanied by the improvement of some intellectual functions in patients with AH.



Analysis of the Immune Hystochemical STUDY Results OF Non-localized Prostatic Adenocarcinoma

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 25-27.


Department of Topographic & Clinical Anatomy, Tbilisi State Medical University


The immune hystochemical study of non-localized forms of prostatic adenocarcinoma showed that HER-2/neu was not detected in 14 patients (18.4%); in 17 patients (22.4%) 1+ positivity was detected; in 21 patients (27.6%) 2+ positivity was determined; and in 24 patients (31.6%) 3+ positivity was observed.


5. Masimov M., Orujov Y.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 27-31.


Surgery Department, Military Medical Department, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The elaborated system of orthopedic surgical rehabilitation anticipating maximal shortening of stages of medical evacuation is based on the application of improved differentiated surgical tactics, methods of surgical wound treatment, general and local pathogenetic therapy, technology of early reconstructive and recovery operations. The system optimizes wound process and allows prevention and cessation of purulent and necrotic complications, therefore it’s very important to implement into practice the offered concept concerning the possibility of formation of vital vascular soft tissue autografts from adapted to ischemia present tissue resources that are necessary for reconstructive and recovery therapy of damaged extremities. The application of the given surgical principle to affected tissues spares the adjacent joints of torn-away lower extremities in 92.5% of wounded patients.


6. Safarova S.

Role of steroid receptors in pathogenesis of complications OF purulent inflammatory diseases OF INTERNAL genitalS

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 31-34.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology ¹1, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


Aim of investigation - definition of concentration of the receptors for sexual steroids in the ovaries, endo- and myometrium tissue during complicated forms of purulent inflammatory diseases.

Materials and methods. The content of steroid receptors was investigated in 65 patients with severe forms of purulent inflammation. The group of comparison was formed of 29 patients of childbearing age with the absence of inflammatory and hormone-dependent diseases.

Results. A long chronic purulent process in gynaecological patients results in the expressed disorders in hormonal homeostasis and irreversible damage to the uterine and ovarian receptor apparatus.


7. Kiteishvili D.

AGE-related peculiarities of ProlifEration and crioFraCtOgraPHic analysis OF HISTOHEMATIC BARRIER of intestinAL VILLUS

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 34-37.


Department of Normal Human Anatomy, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia


The experiments were performed on 36 white rats in different age groups (newly-born, 7- day old, 17- and 30-day old rats). To study these components we used the methods of criophractography and performed our investigations by electron microscopes EMB-100AK.

We came to the conclusion that the process of complication begins in 2-day old white rats’ intestinal villi. The number of connecting fibres begins to increase, and they reveal intervals capable of reducing contacts between tissues. 7 days after birth, difficult processes between epithelial contacts start to develop. There are found many branches of blind segments in the main cells and tissues. At the end of a month of rats’ life, we find a tense connection of 6-7 contact fibres with lots of blind appendices on the basic side of the connection.


8. Bayramova E., Aliyeva E., Efendiyeva A., Abdullayeva N.

Condition of THE hYpotHalamUS-pituitary-ovary system IN THE PRESENCE OF THE endocrine factor of infertility

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 37-40


Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology ¹3, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The investigation purpose was to study the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary system condition in patients with the endocrine factor of infertility.

MATERIAL AND METHODS. 40 patients with different factors of infertility were investigated. One of the main factors of infertility was endocrine imbalance. The first group included patients with the endocrine factor, but without hyperprolactinemia. The other group consisted of patients with hyperprolactinemia.

RESULTS OF INVESTIGATION. We determined that patients with the endocrine factor of infertility had a high estradiol level and low progesterone level (p<0.05). The patients with hyperprolactinemia had a low level of FSH and estradiol, and at the same time - a high prolactin level in the blood serum (p<0.05).


9. Guseynova O., Gasanova H.

The particularities of products of cytokins in peripheral blood of patients with external  genital endometriosis

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 40-44.


Research Institute of Obstetrics-gynecologies, Health Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku


In investigation is studied the pathogenetic role of products of proinflammation cytokins in peripheral blood of patients with external genital endometriosis.

The results of investigation have shown that secretor activity of endometrioid heterotopies is characterized by progressive increasing of products of proinflammation cytokins according to the increase of degree of the disease. According to obtained data the typical sign for patients with the different forms of external  genital endometriosis was an increase to product of proinflammation cytokins IL - 6. The comparative analysis of presence cytokins between groups has shown the profound difference in concentrations IL -4 for small and wide-spread forms. Analysis of the change of cytokins in peripheral blood in patients with different forms of endometriosis has shown that the most high product IL -6 were noted in woman with NGE gonad.





10. Huseynova O., Hasanova H.

particularities of cytokinE productION in THE peripheral blood of patients with external genital endometriosis

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 44-47.


Research Institute of Obstetrics-Gynaecology, Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan Republic, Baku


The investigation has studied the pathogenetic role of pro-inflammatory cytokines production in the peripheral blood of patients with external genital endometriosis.

The investigation results have shown that the secretory activity of endometrioid heterotopies is characterized by a progressive increase in the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, according to the increased severity of the disease. From the obtained data, a typical sign of the patients with different forms of external genital endometriosis was an increase in the production of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6. A comparative analysis between the groups on the presence of cytokines has shown a profound difference in the concentrations of IL-4 for small and wide-spread forms. The analysis of the changes of cytokines in the peripheral blood of the patients with different forms of endometriosis has shown that the highest production level of IL-6 was noted in the woman with external genital endometriosis.




J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 47-49.


Tbilisi Maternity Hospital ¹2, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia


The research aimed to study morphological changes of multilayer lining epithelium of the uterine tube during papillomavirus infections. For this purpose, 40 women of reproductive age have been surveyed. The women were infected with papillomavirus, which was identified by papillomavirus-defining DNA in uterine tube material by the method of polymerase chain reaction. Two clinical groups were distinguished according to the papillomavirus type. The average age of the patients in both groups was 28.2±1.3 years. Along with a clinical-laboratorial investigation, there were conducted vaginoscopy, biopsy of the uterine tube and cytological examination of a smear.

The researches proved that the method of cytological examination of the uterine tube smear enables identification of papillomavirus infection in 42.5% of patients. Patients with genital papillomavirus infection have different damages of the uterine tube. Cervicitis (34.7%) and pointed condyloma (17.4%) dominate in the case of low oncological type papillomavirus in the uterine tube disease structure. As for the patients with high oncological type papillomavirus, flat condyloma (47.1%) and cervical intraepithelial neoplasm of different rates (23.5%) dominate in them.


12.Guliyev N., FarajEva A.

Clinical significance of DopplerOMETRY FOR estimation of cerebral blood flow IN newborns with intrauterine infection

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 49-53.


K. Farajeva Research Institute of Pediatrics, Baku, Azerbajan


The main goal of the work was to study the state of cerebral blood flow in newborns with intrauterine infection. 150 newborns with intrauterine infection have been examined. As a result of complex examination of newborns with CNS damage, intrauterine etiology was detected with the help of cerebral blood flow disturbances that reflected the degree of damage severity and its localization.


13. Mamedov S.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 53-57.


Department of Åpidemiology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


The researches have been conducted to study the role of factors of shigellosis transfer among military personnel. The results have shown that the etiology of shigellosis falls under 3 categories. Among the environmental factors dominated Sh. Flexneri 51.7±2.3 %, this showed the leading part of the water factor in the spread of the given nosological forms in military personnel. In 26.60±1.98%, the infection occurred through the water that was in unsatisfactory condition. Among the other factors, an important role belonged to the contact with ground – 12.78±1.76 %, milk and dairy products – 11.33±2.59 %, vegetables and fruit – 10.59±2.36 %.




J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 57-60.


G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology, Tbilisi, Georgia


For the first time the opportunity has occurred of using Anthrax microbial phage lysates (g, Fah, ÈM) as sensitins in the development of antigenic erythrocytic diagnosticums. Their high specific activity and stability in the period of storage have been demonstrated.



clinic and diagnosIS of primary-plural meningiomAs of THE brain

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 60-64.


Neurosurgery Department of AMU, Baku, Azerbaijan


The frequency of the occurrence of primary-plural meningiomas varies, according to several authors, from 0.3 to 8.9%. In the group of patients with plural cerebral meningiomas, 30% were diagnosed with the central form of neurofibromatosis. Distribution of the disease according to the patient’s sex pointed to the prevalence of these tumours in women (from 60 to 70%).

The Purpose of the work is characterization of the clinical course, methods of examination, and surgical treatment of primary-plural cerebral meningiomas [5, 10].

In the Republican neurosurgery hospital, for the period from 1985 to 2005 were examined and treated 40 patients with primary-plural cerebral meningiomas. That has formed approximately 2% out of the total number of the patient with tumours of the given histological structure.










J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 64-68.


J. Abdullayev Reserach Institute of Cardiology, Baku, Azerbajna


Arterial hypertension in patients with metabolic syndrome proceeds more severely, being accompanied by higher indices and more frequent complications in the cardiovascular system.

The character of hypertension course in these patients differed in the haemodynamic parameters: more expressed hypertrophy of the left ventricle with the increase in the size of cavities and myocardium weight, and with a significant reduction of the fraction of blood emission was marked.

Our research proves once again that metabolic syndrome is a burdening factor in the course of arterial hypertension that demands a further long study to find more effective medicamentous treatment with the purpose of prevention of disorders in the vitally important organs; also to prevent the occurrence of premature complications which, in their turn, can reduce loss of time and death rate, and can improve quality of a life of these patients.


17. Mamedyarova E.

Some clinical-diagnostic indices of pregnant women with obesity

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 68-75.


Republican Maternity Hospital, Baku, Azerbaijan


With the aim to define the peculiarities of pregnancy and delivery in pregnant women with obesity, 142 obese pregnant women and their foetuses have been examined (average age - 26.6±4.8, gestation period - 28–41 weeks), and a retrospective analysis has been made of medical case reports of 191 women with obesity (average age – 24.7±5.4). 38 pregnant women with normal weight constituted the control group (average age – 26.2±3.7). The course of pregnancy, clinical-laboratory and instrumental methods of research, and the state of the foetus were taken into account.

A retrospective analysis showed that gestosis (87.9%) was the most frequent complication of pregnancy, while 92.7% of the women had placental deficiency. The retrospective analysis of delivery showed that 84.8% of the women had timely delivery, 11% of the women had belated delivery, and 4.2% - had preterm delivery.

The course of pregnancy in 142 women was characterized by frequent essential hypertension, abdominal delivery and foetus hypotrophy. Decrease in physical activity was the main reason for obesity among these women. Early gestosis was observed in 48 patients (40%), and the rest of the 72 women (60%) had late gestosis. Besides, pregnant women with stage III obesity were characterized by earlier and more frequent gestoses. In 74 women (61.7%) gestosis was observed as hydropic syndrome during 22-23 weeks of pregnancy, in 38.3% of cases – in hydropic-hypertensive form. A carharacteristic feature of the disturbance of the foetus cardiovascular system reactivity was moderate disturbance – in 54 (38%), and initial disturbance in 46 (32.4%) observations.

The research conducted let us state that pregnant women with obesity form a group of risk of gestosis and also link the development of complications in pregnant women with different stages of obesity and with the development of “oxidative stress”. 






J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 75-78.


Tbilisi Maternity Hospital N2, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia


The research aimed to assess therapeutic effect and expediency of the use of macrolide antibiotic - Meristat-Sanovel (Clarithromycin) in the treatment of uncomplicated urogenital clamydiosis in women of reproductive age.

95 women of reproductive age were involved in the research. Their diagnosis was -urogenital clamydiosis, endocervicitis. Mixt-infection was ruled out for all the research objects. The patients were divided into two groups on random basis: main group (47 patients) treated with Meristat and control group (48 patients) - treated with Doxycycline. The effectiveness of recovery and therapy was controlled in both groups by the analysis of dynamics of patients’ general state of health, as well as by polymerase chain reaction and immunoenzyme analysis 2-3-5 months later after treatment completion.

Etiological recovery was achieved in 46 patients (97.85±1.5%) of the main group, and in 38 patients (79.15±1.2%) of the control group. Clinical-laboratorial recurrence was not recorded in the main group patients. As for the control group, recurrence was recorded with 8 patients (16.5±1.3%). Upon Meristat administration, all patients of the main group emphasized that it was comfortable and convenient to use - inconsiderable level of side effects was not related to nutrition which contributed to the increase in treatment compliance level. The same was not recorded in the control group.

From the results of the conducted research one can conclude that the high clinical-laboratorial effectiveness of Meristat, absence of recurrence, strength, safety, convenience and compliance of its use enables a wide application of the preparation as an optional drug in the modern treatment schemes for urogenital chlamydious infection.


19. Rustamova A.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 78-84.


Department of Normal Physiology, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


It was revealed that a component of the renin-angiotensin system - octapeptid angiotensin, expresses dipsogenic action when centrally injected to an animal with preference to alcohol reception, and causes ambiguous behavioural effects in rats. In experimental model 1, there were noted the suppression of alcohol reception, occurrence of the expressed orientation-research acts, demonstration of comfortable and stressful grooming, reception of freely accessible food. In experimental model 2, in reply to an angiotensin injection the rats manifested inhibited motor activity, spontaneously shown reception of alcohol, stressful grooming, jumps, etc. The specified forms of behaviour have a steady character and are observed within 10-15 minutes after single angiotensin stimulation. The received data testify to radical changes of central neurochemical maintenance of mechanisms of thirst and defensive behaviour induced by chronic action of alcohol.







20. ShaKhbazov SH.

THE frequency of occurrence OF mutations F-V-L, F-II-20210 and MTHFR IN pregnant women with thrombosIs among the Azerbaijan population

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 81-85.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology ¹1, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


Aim of investigation – to study the frequency of occurrence of hetero- and homozygous carriers of F-V-L, F-II-20210 and MTHFR mutations in healthy nonpregnant and pregnant women, and in pregnant women with varicose superficial veins of the lower extremities and venous thrombosis.

Materials and methods. All pregnant women were divided into 4 groups: in I group - 103 pregnant women with varicose veins of the lower extremities; in II group - 43 pregnant women with thrombosis of deep veins of the lower extremities; in III group - 70 pregnant women with venous thrombosis in the anamnesis; IV group - 85 pregnant women whose pregnancy became complicated by venous thrombosis in various places. The frequency of occurrence of hetero-and homozygous carriers of mutations F-V-L, F-II-20210 and MTHFR in healthy nonpregnant and pregnant women, and in pregnant women with varicose disease of superficial veins of the lower extremities and venous thrombosis was investigated.

Results. F-II-20210 and MTHFR mutations in the Azerbaijan population, especially heterogenous carriers among healthy nonpregnant and pregnant women, and a high degree of F-V-L spread was established in pregnant women with thrombotic complications. The role of the above-stated mutations in the pregnants’ thrombosis development was also revealed.


21. B. Lasareishvili1,  N. Dvalishvili2

Seatures of genetic regulation and mechanisms of the IMMUNE RESPONSE

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 6, pp. 85-100.


1Eliava Iinstitute of Bacteriophage, Microbiology and Virology, Laboratory of infectious immunology and virology;

2Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi  State University, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Georgia


The article represents a review of issues concerning: genetic principles of immune response; MHC-nomenclature; genomics and proteomics; mecanisms of antigene processing and prezentation; phenomenon of genetic restriction; MHC-like molecules; the immunobiological significance of polymorphism and polygeny, their relationship with the resistance to infections and formation of autoimmune pathologies; the role of the MHC-system in matching and reproduction.