1. Bukia Z., Gogia N., ChkHikvishvili I.

Phenolic Compounds And Antioxidant Activity Of GREEN Tea  And

Ginkgo Biloba

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 9-13.


Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Tbilisi, Georgia


The research has proven that the Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract exerts a higher antioxidant activity than green tea. Different degrees of green tea antioxidant activity were established according to its sort and ecological zones of its cultivation. A direct connection has been established between polyphenolic compounds and the increase in antioxidant activity. The research results proved that the activity of different extracts from Ginkgo Biloba changes according to the extract sort, flavonoid and phenolic compounds. The research results give a certain premise for manufacturing a new product (ginkgo biloba tea), for its organoleptic diagnosis and high quality.



Plasma pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine profiles in apparently healthy ELDERLY Georgian population

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 13-18.


1Tbilisi Institute of Medical Biotechnology; 2Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

(The study was supported by the Georgian National Science Foundation (Grant N 227))


Cytokines are involved in the initiation, amplifying, perpetuating and resolving the inflammatory and immune responses. They are key mediators of tissue damage and play an important role in many systemic diseases manifestations. A variety of studies have shown that proinflammatory cytokine levels increase with aging and may significantly contribute to the pathophysiology of age-related diseases. So, the evaluation of cytokine expression has been deemed to be of prognostic significance in the evaluation of age-related immune-mediated events. In the present research we try to determine the levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines (IL-10, INF-g, TNF-a) and reveal the environmental factors (socio-demographic and lifestyle characteristics, nutritional parameters etc.) which could exert an effect on them in the elderly population of Georgia. We found that the main anthropometric traits (age, weight, height, BMI, SBP, DBP) did not influence the studied cytokines plasma levels, however IL-10 median levels were significantly (P<0.01) decreased in the elderly group (3.90+6.33), comparing to young people (6.80+4.60). We also revealed strong and significant correlations among pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-a, IL-10 and INF-g in older individuals. Thus, the results of our study indicate that in elderly individuals, the concentrations of IL-10 and other cytokines may reflect a shared underlying stimulus to their production and may contribute to immune alterations and declining health in the elderly population.



3. Abasova L., Dashdamirov R., BahshaliYev A.

Arterial hypertension, metabolic syndrome and rational approaches TO antihypertensive treatment

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 18-20.


Research Institute of Cardiology, Baku, Azerbaijan


The article contains systematized literary data concerning metabolic syndrome (MS), metabolic aspects of arterial hypertension (AH), and rational approaches to antihypertensive treatment for patients with arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome. These approaches are based on the results of multi-center, randomized studies in this patient group. It is shown that angiotensin-converting enzymes inhibitors, dihydropyridine calcium blockers, and especially selective imidazoline receptors agonists exert good effect on the parameters of blood lipid spectrum and carbohydrate metabolism, allowing the use of this group of drugs for patients with arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome.



4. Kezeli T., Gongadze N., Dolidze N., Makharadze T., Chipashvili, M.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 20-24.


Tbilisi State Medical University;

 Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia


Experiments were carried out on 30 rabbits with epinephrine-induced cardiac injury. Animals were divided into five groups: I – control; II – epinephrine-induced cardiac injury (EICI); III – EICI+aspirin (10 mg/kg intraperitoneally 1 h prior and 12-24-48 h after EICI); IV – EICI+zafirlukast (0.25 mg/kg intraperitoneally 1 h prior and 12-24-48 h after EICI); V – EICI+zafirlukast+aspirin. It was shown that EICI was accompanied with cardiac systolic and diastolic function disorders which correlated with a decrease in baroreflex sensitivity (BRS). Aspirin didn’t markedly influence the hemodynamic parameters or BRS during EICI, while zafirlukast and especially zafirlukast+aspirin combination significantly increased the reduced BRS caused by EICI, and improved cardiovascular indices. It is suggested that zafirlukast and zafirlukast+aspirin combination can exert positive effect on cardiac function and BRS during EICI.



5. Aliyev M., Akhmedova L., Gadjiyeva G.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 24-27.


Department of Stomatology and Central Research Laboratory, A.Aliyev State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors, Baku, Azerbaijan


The immune system plays an active part in regeneration and wound healing processes. In this regard, the factors of humoral immunity were studied in the blood and saliva of 20 patients with chemical burns of the oral mucosa caused by vinegar acid, and in 15 practically healthy persons. After treatment, positive dynamics of SIgA was evident; however, no positive dynamics of IgG in the saliva wasn observed.



6. Ismaylova A., Aliyeva E., Asadov B., Abdullayeva S., Vagabova Sh.

ParticularITIES of hYpotalamIC-pituitary-ovary system formation IN mentalLy RETARDED girls

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 27-30.


Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology ¹3 of AMU, Baku


The Purpose of the investigation was to study the levels of the hipotalamic-pituitary-ovary system hormones in mentally retarded girls.

We investigated 72 girls from a specialized school for mentally retarded childeren. All girls were divided into 3 age groups: 9-11 years, 12-13 years, 14-15 years. After studying the levels of FSH, LH, TTH, STH, E2 and T, it was determined that during sexual development of mentally retarded girls the levels of FSH, LH, E2 and T are very low, causing delayed sexual development.





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 30-35.


Tbilisi P.Shotadze Medical Academy, Georgia


The main component in the treatment of Inflammatory Parodontitis (IP) is stimulation of the protective mechanisms of the human organism in order to increase the effectiveness of traditional treatment methods. However, despite the existence of many methods for IP treatment, this problem is not yet solved. This research is focused on studying the effectiveness of generalized and localized immunomodulation (ImM) caused by Fenovin (FN) and Una de Gato (UDG) in the   treatment of medium forms of chronic generalized Parodontitis (CGP). The research was conducted on 60 CGP patients. In addition, for the comparative purposes, 20 practically healthy patients with intact parodentium were examined. The CGP patients were divided into 2 groups. Along with traditional treatment (TT), the first group of patients was treated with generalized and localized ImM caused by FN and UDG. The second group was exposed only to TT. It was determined that the inclusion of ImM with FN and UDG into the general scheme of the TT method for CGP had increased the effectiveness of the treatment and lowered the intensity of inflammatory processes in the parodontium. This was demonstrated by a fast reduction of the inflammatory processes, the decrease in the number of microbes, and the replacement of gram-negative microflora with gram-positive microorganisms typical of the mouth cavity. Based on the above-mentioned records, the authors consider the inclusion of generalized and localized ImM caused byFN and UDG into the general scheme of traditional treatment for CGP needed and essential. 


8. Babaev A.

Pharmacotherapy with noliprel for arterial hypertension

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 35-38.


Research Institute of Cardiology of the Ministry of Health, Baku, Azerbaijan


The antihypertensive effects and tolerance of a fixed low-dose combination (noliprel) of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor perindopril (2 mg), and the diuretic indapamide (0.625 mg) were studied in patients with mild and moderate arterial hypertension. The patients’ mean age was 53.36±5.11 years. The antihypertensive effects were evaluated from the results of daily blood pressure monitoring following 16 weeks of therapy. It was found that noliprel exerted a multidirectional corrective effect on daily blood pressure (BP): it provided a significant optimal BP lowering during a day on a long-term basis and significantly diminished the baseline increase in systolic and diastolic BP variability during a day.


9. Khidirov E.



J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 38-40.


Department of Human Anatomy of AMU, Baku


Strengthening of blood supply is marked in the nonproliferative forms of the fibrous–cystic disease. Perivascular hypostasis of the vessels, especially arterioles, is observed. As for the proliferative forms, they are identified by proliferating endothelial cells being marked by the marker for angiogenesis – CD31, and formation of capillaries. The angioarchitecture of mammary gland cancer in many respects depends on the histological structure of tumours.

The results of our own researches have shown that the intensity of blood vessels formation depends on the maturity degree and proliferative abilities of a tumor.

The results of our morphological and especially electron-microscopic supervision have allowed us to distinguish 3 types of neogenic vessels in mammary gland cancer:

1) Capillaries more or less similar to the vessels of normal mammary glands;

2) Fenestrated capillaries with a thinner plasmolemma of the endothelium and with defects in it;

3) Fenestrated capillaries with intervals - “windows” - between endothelial cells. It is necessary to consider the last two types of capillaries especially characteristic for mammary gland cancer.

Our results and their comparison with the literary information testify that in the walls of neogenic blood vessels, there occurs damage to the molecular structure component – glycosaminoglycans. These changes represent an important pathogenetic factor in the increasing vascular permeability that finally promotes the occurrence of cancer cells.



10. Kezeli T., Gongadze N., Dolidze N., V. Sharikadze, Makharadze T.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 44-48.


Iv. Javakhishvili State University, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia


The influence of the antioxidant quercetine (Q), antagonist of cysteinal leukotrienes – zafirlukast (Z) and their combination have been studied in rabbits with epinephrine-induced heart damage (EIHD). It was shown that progression of necrotic inflammatory processes in the myocardium is augmented by increased contents in the cardiac muscle of epinephrine (E), serotonine (S), histamine (H) and vasoconstrictive prostaglandin (Pg F2a), as well as myofibrillar fraction of creatine phosphokinase (CPK-MB). These changes are associated with reduced concentration of norepinephrine (NE), vasodilatory prostaglandin (Pg E1), and with a decrease in NE/E ratio. Q predominantly decreased E level in the heart without any marked influence on the S, H and F2a contents, while Z and Z+Q revealed a significant modulatory action of NE/E ratio, which was accompanied by the decreased in E, S, F2a , CPK-MP level, and the increase in Pg E1 concentration during EIHD. These results suggest that Z and Z+Q can be added to combined therapy of necrotic, inflammatory and ischemic injuries of the myocardium.



11. Bagirova K.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 48-53.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology ¹2, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


There were observed 150 pregnant women with chronic brucellosis. 36 women suffered spontaneous abortion at 6-21 weeks of pregnancy, 114 women gave birth. Interruption of pregnancy at 2-4 months is typical for chronic brucellosis. We count, that the reason for intra-uterine destruction of a foetus and habitual early interruption of pregnancy during brucellosis is a specific affection of mother’s urogenital organs and a long intrauterine intoxication of a foetus. Owing to the complications that had arisen during pregnancy and spontaneous delivery, 16 women with chronic brucellosis had to give birth by Caesarian section. Caesarian sections were used for 16 women (14.0±3.2%) in group 1 and 3 women (6.0±3.3%) in group 2. Chronic brucellosis is a serious factor complicating the course of pregnancy and creating the threat of its premature interruption.



12. Mamedova G.

level OF reliability of specific hormones in blood FOR DIAGNOSING ovarIAN dysfunction with CONCOMITANT hyperandRogeniSM

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 53-56.


Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Azerbaijan Medical University;

Medical Clinic “Omur”, Baku



The amount of specific hormones changes during ovarian dysfunction accompanied with hyperandrogenism, but sometimes it retains its normal level. That’s why it is important to determine the level of reliability of hormones for diagnosis.

For this purpose we investigated 25 patients aged 14-25. It was determined that the amount of cortisol was normal in 12% of the patients; prolactin – in 4%; estradiol - in 8%; progesterone - in 28%; follicle-stimulating  hormone – in 32%.

As the levels of estradiol and prolactin are the highest in the majority of the patients, these hormones can be considered the most reliable markers for diagnosing ovarian dysfunction.



13. Mermanishvili T., Jorbenadze T., Khitarishvili E., Chelishvili I., Chachia G.

Primary intracranial tumors: some epidemiologic considerations

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 56-59.


P.Sarajishvili Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery; Iv.Javakhishvili State University;

Research Institute of Clinical Medicine, Tbilisi, Georgia 


The aim of our study was to perform a hospital-based epidemiological analysis of primary intracranial tumors in Georgia: the frequency of distribution of this neoplasm and its gender aspect. Our data, in contrast to the literary evidence, suggest that meningeal tumors are more frequent than neuroepithelial tumors, and biological behaviour of primary intracranial tumors has evident relationship with patients’ gender.




Ultrastructural changes IN epineural microvessels of white rat sciatic nerve UNDER THE EFFECT of E. coli endotoxin

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 59-63.


Research Centre and the Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytology of AMU, Baku


The aim of the investigation was to study epineural microvessels in the sciatic nerves of 12 white rats under the effect of E. coli endotoxin. Acute experimental endotoxinaemia has been modelled by intravenous injection of purified E.coli lipopolysaccharide (serotype 0111:Â4; group N 78Í4086) in the solution of sodium chloride (dosage of E. coli - 1.0 mg/kg). 2 hours after the injection, the animals were decapitated under general anaesthesia achieved with chloroform. The sciatic nerves were fixed, using the mixed solution of 2% paraformaldehyde, 2% glutaraldehyde and 0.1% picric acid in 0.1M phosphate buffer (pH-7.4). Then specimens were embedded in Epon-Araldite; ultrathin sections from these blocs were examined in the transmission electron microscope Jeol 1200CX.

The data show that under the effect of endotoxin, the endothelial cells of both venules and capillaries of the epineurium are destructed. Intercellular junctions between endothelial cells are destroyed, resulting in the increase of microvessels permeability. Within the cellular and acellular components of the epineurium, there are located cells of monocytary lineage, migrating from the plasma. These data suggest that endotoxin exposure results in the formation of perivascular oedema around the epineural venules and sciatic nerve capillaries.




Activity of glutationreduCtase IN newborns

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 63-66.


Biochemistry Department, Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku


Hereditary insufficiency of glutationreductase was investigated in the umbilical cord blood of 428 newborns; 10 (2.34%) patients had the enzymatic hypoactivity (4.5-5.0 unit/q.Hb), and 7 (1.64%) patients – hyperactivity (25.0-45.0 unit/q.Hb). In 7 newborns, glutationreductase hypoactivity was combined with a very low activity of glucose-6-phoshpatdehydrogenase (2.1 unit/q.Hb), which proves the existence of a definite relationship between the activity levels of these enzymes. Thus, the investigation of the activity of glutationreductase in blood samples allows early detection of the anomalies of erythrocyte enzymes. 





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 66-68.


Department of Ophthalmology, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia


Clodifen like all other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) inhibits prostaglandin synthesis and therefore lessens conjunctiva hyperemia, oedema and pain. Treatment was conducted in 27 patients with herpetic keratoconjunctivitis and in 12 patients with adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis. The patients were being observed for 1.5-2 years. In herpetic cases topical antiviral, lubricating and NSAIDS (Clodifen 0.1 % eye drops 4 times/day for 14 days) medications were used. Each patient for pain relieve and anti-inflammatory activity were given once daily intramuscular injections of Clodifen (75 mg/ml for three days), then 2 injections with day after day interval, total 5 injections. After such treatment regimen, the patients noted subjective improvement of general well-being, pain cessation, free eye opening, improved visual acuity. During a 2-year observation period: 9 patients had 3 exacerbation episodes, 5 patients – 2 episodes, and 13 patients - only one. According to the treatment regimen for adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis, for the purpose of rapid resolution of pain, hyperemia, corneal infiltrates, Clodifen instillation 4 times/day was given for 10 days. After 1-2 days of treatment, the patients noted reduction of pain, hyperemia and blepharospasm, and since the 3rd treatment day – a marked improvement of general well-being expressed in increased visual acuity, pain and hyperemia cessation.



17. EfendiYeva M.

The potential of sonography in diagnosing changes in THE hip joint cArtilage and soft tissueS OF children WITH late-diagnosED

HIP joint dYsplasia

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 68-71.


Scientific-Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthophedics of the Ministry of Health, Baku, Azerbaijan


Hip joint sonography was conducted in 68 children older than six months suffering from different degrees of hip joint dysplasia. Changes were identified in the cartilage and soft tissue components of the joint. The sonographic method was recommended as an effective one for the early detection of complications and residual effects in the course of orthopedic treatment, and for timely correction of treatment tactics.


18. Musayeva A., Mursalov M., Zeynalov A.

Comparative analysis of arterial hypertension structure among         THE EMPLOYABLE population of Baku and refugees

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2009, 7, pp. 71-74.


A.Aliyev State Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors, Department of Therapy, Baku, Azerbaijan


The investigation has been carried out among the non-organized able-bodied refugees living in Sumgait and employable population of Baku. There were used strictly standardized methods of examination and criteria of its evaluation recommended by WHO and International Hypertension Society (1999) as well as European Cardiological Society (2003). The statistical process has been carried out in accordance with the demands to parametric data. The age-standardized rates were calculated.

The received data indicated that the majority of the persons of both sexes had normal or optimal arterial hypertension. The comparative analysis showed that the frequency of arterial hypertension was higher in the male refugees, but statistically reliable differences among the females were absent. The frequency of III degree arterial hypertension prevailed among woman. Arterial hypertension was registered among men nearly twice as many. Persons adequately treated for arterial hypertension among woman were twice as many. However the quantity of persons, undergoing adequate antihypertensive therapy was 3 times less among women and 4 times less in men. Isolated systolic arterial hypertension was registered in half of the hypertonic males and in one third of the females.

Thus, we may consider that the epidemiological situation is more unsuccessful among males.