2010, ¹ 5



1. kachkachishvili i., bakradze m.

Clinical effects of CamelIn in patients with parodontitis

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.8-11


Ltd “Mitra” - Dental Clinic, Tbilisi; Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia


The thesis highlights findings concerning the clinical application of the preparation Camelin in treatment of inflammatory diseases of the parodontium.

Produced in Georgia, Camelin is a curative-prophylactic medication made of an original, special type of honey. The medication has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and pain killing effects. It regulates the performance of the local immune system, stimulates regeneration processes, strengthens the functioning of the local immune barrier, and has antibacterial and antifungal effects.

40 patients were divided into 2 observation groups: a group for examination (21 patients, monotherapy) and a group for control (19, traditional treatment). We conducted a clinical assessment of the parodontal pockets and determined their depth before and 1 month after the treatment. We used 5% Camelin cream for 15 minutes long applications.

The observation showed a significant decrease in the depth of parodontal pockets and in the extent of teeth loosening. Therefore, we think it expedient to translate the discovery into clinical benefit and to use Camelin for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the parodontium.





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.11-13


Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia


Our previous studies revealed antiviral and antitoxic effects of zeolite dietary supplements in the modeling of influenza infection in white mice. “Zeolite diet” enhances immunocompetence of the organism, especially of the interferon system. The results of these experiments showed that the particles of clinoptilolite (in forage) are able to induce a more active immune morphogenesis in the intestinal tissues, regional lymph nodes, spleen and thymus.


3. Zhvitiashvili T., davarashvili kh.

osteoblasts and collagen DURING acute pulpitis DEVELOPED AGAINST THE BACKGROUND OF parodontitis

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.13-16


Dental Clinic ¹1, Kutaisi, Georgia


Collagen has been studied with the help of light and electron microscopy. During pulpitis developed against the background of parodontitis, collagenic fibers assist in restructuring extracellular matrix and forming scars in the damaged area. Phibroblasts synthesize collagen and its growth negatively affects the general structure of the pulp and, as a result – its functionality.




4. Kekelidze I., Khechinashvili T., Jashi N., Nakudashvili N.

Some cliniCAL-cardiological INDICES In patients with chronic tonsillitis and rheumatic carditis

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.16-18


ENT Department, Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia


Diagnosis of chronic tonsillitis quite often faces certain difficulties. At the same time solution of diagnostic problems of tonsilogenic cardiac lesions is of major importance in both theoretical and practical medicine. Therefore, the authors of the conducted study have tried to work out efficient methods of diagnosing, prevention and treatment of chronic tonsillitis and rheumatic carditis. For this reason, based on the methods of clinical and echodopplerographical investigation, 86 subjects aged 11-45 years have been studied: a) close interrelation between the above-mentioned pathological conditions was determined, b) accurate subsidiary methods of differential diagnosis were developed; c) rational therapeutic tactics including surgical and conservative means of treatment and also timely preventive measures against the disease and its complications were worked out.


5. ghlonti t., korsantia b., ghlonti k.

immunotrope effects of the preparation “eskus-gel” IN complex

treatment of artritis

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.18-22


Ltd Esculapi”, Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Tbilisi, Georgia


The ointment “Eskus-Gel” possessing anti-inflammatory, analgesic and local antiseptic properties is widely used to treat arthritis caused by various diseases or injuries. For the first time was tested immunotropic effect of the drug for pain in the knee joint. The results showed a more rapid normalization of the immune status of patients, especially – of the interferon system, than it was in the control group. Immune response dynamics depended on the treatment effectiveness.



6. Vashadze Sh., Kekenadze M.

Depression and diabetes

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.22-24


Batumu Shota Rustaveli State University,Georgia


Depression is not generally listed as a complication of diabetes. However, it can be one of the most common and dangerous complications. The rate of depression in diabetics is much higher than in general population. Diabetics with major depression have a high rate of recurrent depressive episodes within the following five years. A depressed person may not have the energy or motivation to maintain good diabetic management. Depression is frequently associated with unhealthy appetite changes. Suicidal diabetic adolescents have constant access to potentially lethal doses of insulin. Symptoms of Depression: These are based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, 4th Edition (DSM-4):  a) Depressed mood for most of the day; b) Decreased pleasure in normal activities; c) Sleeping difficulties or significantly increased demand of sleep; d) Gaining or losing weight; e) Feelings of guilt or worthlessness; f) Low energy level;. g) Difficulties in concentrating and making decisions; h) Suicidal thoughts.

We have observed 100 people aged 13-70 (50 women and 50 men). The rate of depression and reactive anxiety are registered with the help of psychometric tests according to the scale of depression (BDi). The average period of the illness is 6-5 years. The age of the illness debut is 15 years. The presented diagnosis has been determined according to MKGB (2003) criteria.

We have asserted that 52% of the patients observed are depressed, among them 45.2% has light form, 26.8% - medium form, and 21% - severe form. We should note here that this indicator among unmarried people is very low, especially among women. 10% expose the suicide ideas, among them 7% is categorical, which, we think, is very dangerous. The majority of the depressed people do not work. There have been major advances in the treatment of depression. There are specific medications and specific psychotherapy techniques that have been shown to help depression. Often individuals do well with a combination of antidepressant treatment and psychotherapy. Be sure that your clinician is willing to take the time to communicate with your diabetes team. Ideally, the mental health clinician should be familiar with your type of diabetes.





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.24-26


Bukovina State Medical University, Chernovtsi, Ukraine


8. Nagervadze M., Khukhunaishvili R., Diasamidze A., Akhvlediani L.,

Dumbadze G., Koridze M., tskvitinidze S.

Distribution of Rh-Hr blood group antigens, Alleles and haplotypes in mountain DISTRICT of ADjara (Georgia)

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.26-30


Department of biology, Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi, Georgia


Acknowledgments: The article have been done on the base of grant-project of the Georgian National Science Foundation (GNSF STO08/6-470)


Rh-Hr blood group antigens represent a genetically stably determined trait, being of many-sided biological and clinical significance. Blood group antigens are either sugars or proteins, and they are attached to various components in the red blood cell membrane. The indigenous Adjarian population (105 subjects) was investigated for Rh-Hr red blood group markers. Five erythrocytic group antigens (C,c,D,E,e) were studied by immunoserological methods. The obtained results were statistically processed. Maximum frequency distribution of the e antigen was found (100%), being followed in frequency by the c antigen (89%). The frequency of the D antigen made up 82%, and that of the d antigen - 18%. The frequency of the c antigen made up 61%, that of the E antigen - 23%. Six Rh-phenotypic groups of various frequencies were fixed. The CcDee phenotype is the most characteristic of the said district population. Its distribution frequency amounts to 38%.


9. Vashadze Sh., Kekenadze M.

depression and dorsalgia

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.30-33


Batumu Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia


Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity. A depressed person experiences or displays these symptoms. In the course of supervision and antidepressant treatment, 30 patients with chronic dorsalgia estimated the contribution of depression to the overall picture of the disease. Along with the complaints about lasting back pains, a high level of depression and alarm was marked in the patients. Sleep disturbances, vegetative dysfunction and the expressed decrease in quality of life came to light as well. Psychometric tests allowed revealing the symptoms of depression in 90 % of the patients.

All patients have received a course of antidepressant treatment two times a day for 6 weeks. Along with a considerable reduction of depression symptoms and alarm, therapy reduced the expression of muscular dysfunction and pain syndrome authentically. At the initial stages of treatment, positive dynamics concerning vegetative dysfunctions, sleep disorders and low quality of life was marked. The research results confirmed the fact of depression prevalence among the patients with chronic dorsalgia and its negative influence on the course of pain syndrome. Antidepressants of high efficiency and safety are shown during treatment associated with chronic back pains along with depression, for they positively influence the basic syndrome.



PrognosTIC and Developed Scenarios of H1N1 Flu Pandemic

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.33-36


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University;

Pablic Health Center of the Adjarian Autonomous Republic, Georgia


A realistic picture of the H1N1 flu 2009 Pandemic was developed according to a moderate scenario.  The highest intensity of the flu pandemic cases was reported in places with population diversity. The epidemic wave provoked by the flu pandemic lasted 6 weeks. The peak of the epidemic wave lasted about 2 weeks.

The incidence rate was higher in adolescents under 15 years of age than in other age groups. In the age groups under 1 year and 1-4 years, the numbers of cases were accordingly 8789 and 7167. 

Compared with seasonal influenza, the highest incidence rate was in age group 20-29 (the number of cases was 1954).

The incidence rate was lower in the people of and over 60 years old, as it was predicted, taking into consideration the circulation period of A (H1N1) virus subgroups.

Early influenza-associated hospitalizations and good management reduced the complications and death rate. Intensive therapy and artificial lung ventilation were used for hospitalized patients - accordingly 5% and 1.1%.

Mortality rate was high among 20-59 years old patients. The flu was accompanied by other somatic diseases or chronic infections.


11. Nakashidze I., Akhvlediani L., Nagervadze M.

Correlation of Kell and MN Erythrocyte BLOOD Group Antigens and Alleles with UterINE and Breast Cancer

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.36-40


Department of Natural Sciences, Shota Rustaveli State University, Batumi, Georgia


Our investigation shows that there exists certain correlation between concentrations of M and K alleles of Blood Minor Group Antigens and uterine and breast cancer. As is well known, Blood Group Antigens have peculiarities in genogeography, which need to be considered along with the other risk factors. The given quantity of investigated samples is not enough; therefore, the investigation is to be continued.


12. Zosidze N., Jibladze K., Potskhishvili Sh.

Structural and quantitative disorders of chromosomes DURING endemic, sporadic, anD multinodular goitre

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.40-43


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia


In the development of thyroid gland diseases, a certain role is performed by genetic factors. We have studied the spectrum of structural and quantitative disorders during endemic, sporadic, and multinodular goitre.

During the above-stated forms of the thyroid gland disease, the instability of chromosomes is revealed through the structural disorders expressed by high frequency chromosomes.


13. Didmanidze N., Machkhoshvili R.

Coordinated Admixtures of Some Metals with Hydrazines and their Products: Research and Application Prospects

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.43-46


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia


The increased interest toward the research of coordinated admixtures of metals with hydrazines and their products is preconditioned by the specific physical and chemical properties of hydrazines, hydrazones and their relevant coordinated admixtures, as well as their application prospects in medicine, agriculture and industry. Hydrazines and hydrazones contain biologically active peptide groups and are more interesting for the research as medial models of biological fixation of azote. Hydrazines and their products in coordinated admixtures with biometals are medically proven as anti-tuberculosis, psychotropic and anti-cancerogenic medications. The recent discoveries have also pointed out their anti-anemic, bactericidal, bacteriastatic and cardio therapeutic activity, with a wider spectrum of both treatment and prophylactic impact. Acilhydrazone compounds are used in medicine and agriculture as herbicides, insecticides and regulators of vegetation growth. The researches in this direction are apparently interesting and prospective.

Prior to the research we carried out a study of hydrazine and hydrazone compounds of some metals (formil-, acetyl-, phenylacetyl -, benzoil-, nytrobenzoil-, and other products). We have synthesized the compounds  at different conditions of pH: Coordination compounds: of Cu (II) with formyl-,  acetyl-  and benzoilhydrazones of salicylic aldehyde; of metals- Cu (II), Zn, Co(II)  with formyl-,  and benzoilhydrazones of acetone; of metals- Cu (II), Zn, Co(II) with colchicine; of metals- Cu (II), Zn, Co(II) with brombenzoilhydrazone of benzaldehide; of metals- Cu (II), Zn, Co(II) with brombenzoilhydrazone of  salicylic aldehyde; of Cu, Zn, Cd, Co, Ni, with acetone brombenzoilhydrazone; of Cu (II) with ortho-hydroxibenzoilhydrazone of  benzaldehyde  and other compounds.

     The synthesized coordinated compounds are studied with the use of physical, chemical, magnetic-chemical, thermo-gravimetrical, spectroscopic and roentgen-structural methods. The studies ascertained the nature of chemical valency and chemical structure of the realized metallacycles. The study drew conclusions to the specific part of the synthesized bio-metal compounds as relevant for application with medical, prophylactic and herbicide purposes.


14. Vashadze Sh.

Menopause and depression

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.46-49


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia


Menopause is also known as “the change of life” and for some women it can be the most challenging time in their life both physically and mentally. Often due to the psychological effects, menopause can affect the whole family. It is mainly connected with the last menstrual period. For western women the average age of its occurrence is 51 (although women between the ages of thirty and sixty experience menopause). Menopause occurs when the ovaries cease responding to the controlling hormones that are released by the pituitary gland situated in the brain. Women experience menopause differently. Some hardly notice the change apart from irregular periods whilst others suffer from all the symptoms which can affect their life considerably. It is established the tendency to level decrease in blood serotonin (205.72; 6.74 ng/ml). The beginning of the disease is in positive correlation with depression by uneasiness and an index of instability of marriage.

Menopause, in general, is not associated with an increased risk of depression. In fact, while once considered as a unique disorder, research has shown that depressive illness during menopause is not different from other ages. The women with a history of past depressive episodes are more vulnerable to the change-of-life depression.





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2010, 5, pp.49-50


Tbilisi State Medical University, Institute for Postgraduate Medical Studies and Continuing Professional Development, Department of Microbiology, Tbilisi, Georgia