2011. ¹ 1




1. Gongadze M., Sepashvili A., Gogia N., Esaiashvili M., Atamashvili Ts.,

Mesropyan I., Iobadze M.

Effects of high glucose level on murine placental trophoblast functionality in vitro

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.8-13


TSMU Institute of Medical Biotechnology, Tbilisi State Medical University Institute of Medical Biotechnology, E. Andronikashvili Institute of Physics, Tbilisi, Georgia




The maternal diabetic environment alters the embryo and the feto-placental development. The results of these alterations are: increased embryo resorption and malformation rates, placental dysfunction. Cellular and molecular events in the uterine environment that lead to successful blastocyst implantation require the endometrium to be ready for being implanted. They include modified functions and populations of leukocytes, cytokine activities, and growth factors. Trophoblast invasion is a temporally and locally restricted process, which regulates implantation and oxygen arrival to the embryo through the dialog with spiral artery endothelium. There are data which suggest that IL-10 and TNF-alpha are crucial cytokines in implantation processes.

We performed in vitro study influence of hyperglycemia on trophoblast functionality and cytokines capacities to modulate proliferation, migration, and invasion of trophoblastic cells in diabetic environment. Summarizing of the experimental results, we can conclude that possibly IL-10 defenses uterus and mediates successful implantation by inhibiting TNF-α.



2. Burkadze G., Avaliani Z., Qureli I., Turashvili G., Gudadze M.

Detection of Maspin and Mammaglobin Transcripts as Cyrculating Tumor Cell Markers in Peripheral Blood Samples From Patients With Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinoma OF Different Malignancy Potential and Molecular Phenotype

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.13-21


 “Georgian Association of Pathologists XXI”, Tbilisi, Georgia



The presence of  lymph nodes and distant metastases is the most powerful prognostic factor for patients with invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) of the breast. Nowadays, there is a growing evidence that the detection of circulating tumor cells (CTC) in peripheral blood samples might  serve as one of the important markers of metastatic potential, prognosis and relapse of IDC. Maspin and mammaglobin transcripts in blood are frequently used as reliable markers for CTC. The aim of our study was to evaluate CTC in peripheral blood samples from patients with IDC of different malignancy potential and molecular phenotype, using maspin and mammaglobin transcripts as CTC markers.

Neither maspin nor mammaglobin transcripts were detected in the I and IV group patients. Both maspin and mammaglobin transctipts were detected in one patient from group II and 7 patients from  group III. Only mammaglobin transcript was detected in one patient from group II and aslo one patient from group III. The only CTC - positive patient in group II was Her2-/ER/PR- as well as 6 CTC, positive patients from group  III. One CTC positive patient from group III was Her2+/ER/PR-. Both mammaglobin positive patiens from II and group III were Her2+/ER/PR-.

In conclusion, CTC is more likely to be detected in patients with Her2-/ER/PR- IDC. This might be useful for evaluation of prognostic and predictive factors in patients with IDC.

This study was supported by the research grant from the Georgia National Science Foundation #GNSF/ST08/6-461.


3. NikolaiSHvili M. , IordaniSHvili G. , Jiqia G., Museliani v.,  Beria V.,

Khubutia J., Mindiashvili N., ARCHVADZE K., ZENAISHVILI S.

Influence of electromagnetic fields and VEGETABLE preparation “seratonus” on passive avoidance reaction

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.21-25


Research Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Ecology Georgian Academy of Sciences;

Institute for the problems of Biology and Medicine Sukhumi State University, Georgia



Currently, organic medicatians derived from plant material make up almost one third of the register. Many of them contribute to the synthesis of biogenic amines, improve memory and behavior in animals. It was interesting to study the effect of such composites on different stress factors, in particular, the effect of electromagnetic fields . It is known that communication frequency of EMF causes difficulties and suppresses the production of passive avoidance response in animals. The studied preparation seratonus has a protective effect hindering the development of excitation in rats, Thus helping them to adopt the correct solution to a problem, i.e.particular - to improve the aquired reflex reaction.


4. Mermanishvili T.1, Jorbenadze T. 2, Chelishvili I.3, Chachia G3.

PRIMARY INTRACRANIAL GLIOMAS: biological “behaviour”

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.25-27


1"New Hospitals” Ltd,  2Iv.Javakhishvili State University of Georgia,

3Scietific – Research Institute of Clinical Medicine, Tbilisi, Georgia



The studies have clearly shown that the degree of malignancy of glial tumors depends on their origin (astrocytic, oligodendroglial and ependymal), as well as on the  age and sex of patients. Along with clinical parameters, these morphological data can contribute to the selection of optimal prognosis and treatment for disease.


5. Gogorishvili O., Tsetskhladze G.

From the history of  public health service in Adjara

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.27-31


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia



On August 25, 1878, Russian troops entered the town of Batumi;  a military medical-sanitary unit followed  the troops: their tents were situated at the territory  now occupied by the church of Saint Barbara. Soon it was decided to build a hospital at the same place and the military medical-sanitary unit was transformed into the military hospital #64 - the first medical institution in Adjara.

Ii was decided to organize a public health service canals were built to drain the swamps (for example, so called Jilinsky Canal). In 1887 was built the first civil medical institution for 25 persons.

On October 3, 1902, the first civil hospital in Adjara was established by the decision of the self –governing body of Batumi.

On October 12, 1913, a medical station for malaria treatment (the first one in the Russian Empire) was established in Batumi - medical service was free for the local population. In the same 1913 year the Tropical Institute began functioning with the aim to study scientifically the causes of epidemic diseases. The doctors of Batumi organized a medical society in 1897: its first president was M.Fencer. This society played a great role in the medical life of the entire Adjara. The society of the doctors of Batumi established a library - one of the richest in the Russian Empire.                  




J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.31-34


Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia



The endothelium has been studied with the help of light and electron microscopy. Ten patients and  three healthy persons were investigated. Both pulpitis and parodontitis destroy the epithelium, homeostatic regulation is destroyed as well. Vessel tonus in cappilaries is also changed; transcappilary permeability is weakened; the agregation of formed elements and adhesia intensify. Endothelial distruction during pulpitis against the background of parodontitis denote a heavy complication of the disease. Thus, endothelial destruction predicts lots of complicated diseases.


7. Zosidze N., Tsetskhladze G., Chomakhashvili Z., Bolkvadze R.

Variants of Division of THE HEPATIC Artery in THE Liver Portal

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.34-38


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia



According to the results of the conducted anatomic research the authors have come to the conclusion that in cases when the left branch of the hepatic artery did not divide in the portal area (3,7%) and the additional left artery of liver was revealed as the only source for supplying the left part with arterial blood (2,5%), the only one artery existed in the distal part of the left portal complex.

In the distal part of the left portal complex, in 81.2% of cases two arteries were revealed (arteries of II and III segments), in 11.3% - three arteries (trifurcation type division of either the left branch of the hepatic artery or of the left additional artery), whereas in 1.3% - four arteries were found (trifurcation type division of the hepatic artery’s left branch and the left additional artery). In this part of the right portal complex, in 87.5% of cases the lobe vein is accompanied by the right branch of the hepatic artery, in 2.5% by the - right paramedial and lateral arteries, in 1.3% - by the right sector and bladder arteries. In the rest 8.75% there were right additional and IV segment arteries, out of which in 7.5% the IV segment artery was coming from the right branch of the hepatic artery. The middle part of the right portal complex in 37.5% contained only the right lobe branch of the portal vein, while in 62.5% there were two sector veins in this area. 



Zhvitiashvili T., davarashvili KH.


J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.38-40


Dental Clinic ¹1, Kutaisi, Georgia



Collagen and its proliferation were studied in patients suffering from pulpitis (the material includes 20 clinical cases). It was shown that normally fascicles of collagen are wound up into a superspiral and are held together  with the help of chelate (hydrogenous) connections. A possible interest of nonspecific antigens in the distruction of collagen fascicles is considered.





J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.40-44


Research Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Ecology Georgian Academy of Sciences;

Institute for the problems of Biology and Medicine Sukhumi State University, Georgia



Electromagnetic field of communication  frequency evolles in rats a  strong emotional reaction of fear in response to the electric irritation. Chaotic movements  and emotional activity of the experimental  rats caused by fear prevent them from forming a stable response to th light-induced irritation in the nerve structures and between the complex of nerve structures, responsible for the avoidance reaction to a painful irritation. conditional reaction deliverance from  ailing irritation.  Feeding  with the aminoacidic preparation “Seratonus” removes this reaction of fear, decreases pain and intensifies attention, positively influences animals behaviour in the process of acquiring the reflex avoidance reaction.



10. Esaiashvili M., Gogia N., Meladze T., Chkhikvishvili I., Sepashvili A.,

Gongadze M.

The Effect of Marigold extract on experimental diabetes mellitus

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.44-47


TSMU Institute of Medical Biotechnology; Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia



Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that continues to present as a major health problem worldwide. Many studies suggest a central role for oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of this multi-faceted metabolic disorder. This has prompted to investigate antioxidants as a complementary therapeutic approach. Tagetes patula L. is one of the French marigold group of the Asteraceae family. It is recognized in folklore for its medicinal and pesticidal properties. Marigold flowers produce lutein ester and patuletin, which have antioxidant activity. We performed a diabetes study in mice exposed to streptozotocin and antioxidant, marigold extract. Summarizing of the experimental results obtained in mice treated with STZ, we can conclude that an antioxidant, marigold extract reduces blood glucose level and increases lifetime, therefore it can be used as a complementary therapeutic agent.



11. Zosidze N., Lezhava T., cecKHladze G., Chomakhashvili Z., Bolkvadze R.

Determination of hereditary characteristics of thyroid gland disease based on research of family forms

J. Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 2011, 1, pp.47-48


Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Georgia



It is mentioned in the article that thyroid gland diseases represent a wide spread group of its pathologies, that is mainly conditioned by three factors: genetic, endogenic and exogenic. Alteration of generic structures comes into first position, whereof derives actuality of genetic research, that is essential condition for disease diagnose and gives opportunity to work out a correct treating strategy. According to the research conducted by the authors it is detected that patients with high index of composition of variable metaphases are subjected to treatment course and importance of violation has been reduced and it became closer to the norm (3,3%). In the mentioned groups indices were corrected after realizing therapy course.